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sipahoTibetan Astro Science is an ancient science for promoting mental and physical health & happiness. It is based on the teaching of the Lord Buddha, in the year 1027 A.D. called the ShriKalachakratantra. The nicknames in Tibetan are skar-rtsis or star mathematics and byung-rtsis or elmental astrology.

The overall aim of Tibetan astrology and astronomy, like modern sciences is to understand the cosmos, how it operates and how we can benefit from its forces and transitions, in order to live in union with the constant changes and movements of which we are an intergral part.

Traditional Tibetan Astrological Readings are an informative guideline of your future possibilities and obstacles. It provides information about relationships, partnerships, business, career, health, talents, spirituality and past, present & possible future events. Inclusive with the readings I offer counsel and recommendations for appropriate courses of action or antidotes to alleviate or remove specific obstacles where appropriate.


These readings are audio taped and sent to you along with a copy of your Tibetan Astrological Chart. You may phone with any follow-up questions after you have listened to your reading.

The information needed for any calculation is the exact date, time and place of birth. [There is a place to enter that information in the Paypal payment screen. ]

Individual Natal Birth Chart (Life Horoscope)$145.00
Looks at health, financial, relationship issues for whole life based on planets and elements. Comprehensive view.
Marriage/Partnership Compatibility Chart $95.00
(In order to get this chart, both people need to have Individual Birth Charts first)
Health/Illness Calculations $75.00
This explains the balance of the elements in the present moment of your life chart. Better to have Birth Chart first.
Yearly Prognostication (Yearly Horoscope) $65.00
This checks the elements of your year.
Kalachakra Divination (Specific Question)$25.00
Help with answering specific questions in life

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