Integration of Different Traditions

Tibetans incorporated foreign traditions from the surrounding civilizations of India, Iran, and China into their primal Buddhist orientation to maximize the positive evolutionary potential of the human race. Their intention was the attainment of liberation and enlightenment by way of the perfection of wisdom and compassion. Shaped by this intention and an altruistic way of life, Tibetan Astro Science can guide, support and enable us to understand what our human life means in its ultimate sense. The core of Tibetan Astro Sciences is based on the synthesis achieved by the Desi Sangy Gyatso (1653-1705), who served as Regent of Tibet under H.H. the Fifth Dalai Lama, (1617-1682). The Desi wrote many works in the course of his reign and codified Tibetan civilization. The White Beryl, one of many works of the Desi, provided an overview of Tibetan Astro Science, and the myths underlying it, highlighting its most profound dimensions, its relevance and assessibility.

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